Homestyle Flavored Egg Noodles

Chicken Flavor

We were looking for a store-bought, chicken-flavored dry noodle and we couldn’t find any on the market. So we made it. If you’re looking for the perfect homestyle noodle that already has chicken flavoring, our Chicken Flavored Egg Noodles are perfect for you.

Homestyle Flavored Egg Noodles

Beef Flavor

If you are looking for the perfect companion for any beef dish or you are craving a hearty meal with the taste of beef, our beef-flavored egg noodles are a family favorite. Based on our Original Homestyle Egg Noodles, our beef-flavored egg noodles are an excellent beef and noodles starter for your leftover, Sunday dinner roast. They also go great with sirloin tips over mashed potatoes, yet another meal your family will love!

Homestyle Flavored Egg Noodles

Original Flavor

Mrs. Bonser’s Original Flavor Egg Noodles is the noodle that started it all back in 1974.

Homestyle Flavored Egg Noodles


Unlike other noodles on the market, Mrs. Bonser’s noodles are made with hard, red wheat flour. This key ingredient makes our noodles taste just like the traditional noodles grandma used to make.

Our Story

Mrs. Bonser’s Noodles started in the basement of the Jerry and Sharon Bonser’s home in Agency, Iowa in 1974. Since our humble beginnings, we have grown to become the top homestyle noodle maker in the Midwest. Though we have long outgrown that basement, we still make each batch of our homestyle egg noodles with simple ingredients and love, just like grandma did. We are proud to be a family-owned, women-run business! Read more about our story and our history.

Our Noodles Are Different

Mrs. Bonser’s Homestyle Flavored Egg Noodles are different from other noodles on the market.

Our noodles are thicker and heartier and made with white flour derived from hard, red  wheat instead of yellow durum wheat.

Why does that matter?
They hold flavor better than our competitors and have the same texture of the noodles “grandma used to make”.

Whether you’re looking for flavored noodles or plain noodles for soups, stews, side dishes, to eat alone or even noodles for desserts, we have the perfect homestyle egg noodle for you.

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