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Original Flavored Egg Noodles 

Mrs. Bonser’s Original Flavored Egg Noodles is the noodle that started it all.  For almost 50 years, the Original Flavored Egg Noodle has been a family favorite for casseroles, soups, noodle dishes and more. They are also great as a side dish and are the perfect, all around egg noodle for the whole family.

Chicken Flavored Egg Noodles 

Craving chicken noodle soup with hearty, thick noodles just like grandma used to make? Or how about a noodle dish that can be a side or a meal all by itself? Either way, you’ll create the perfect meal using our homestyle, chicken-flavored egg noodle. From what our customers tell us, and lot’s of personal experience, these hearty, thick, dry noodles are easy to make and perfect for any soup, stew or casserole.

Beef Flavored Egg Noodles 

If you’re in the mood for a hearty, stick to your ribs kind of meal, we’ve got the perfect noodle for you. Mrs. Bonser’s Beef Flavored Egg Noodles are the only dry noodles with beef flavoring you will find. They make the perfect complement to any beef dish or soup.  Combine them with left over roast, onions and beef broth for a quick meal that your family will love.

Bakery Egg Noodles

Bakery Noodles

Mrs. Bonser’s Bakery Noodles are just like the Original Flavored Noodles, except they are as white as the flour we use to make them.  They were the result of a happy accident and are now loved by our customers who desire a whiter noodle.  They work great in stews, soups and especially desserts.  These noodles soak up a dessert’s sugary goodness or a main course’s meaty flavors equally well.